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How to Use RealTime Reports to Easily Calculate P-EBT

March 29, 2021 at 3:22 PM

Below is a simple and streamlined workflow allowing schools to quickly generate data required to determine their students' P-EBT eligibility using Level Data’s RealTime Reports.

  1. Select the desired students for which you wish to run the report. (i.e., Virtual, Hybrid In-Person) by running the appropriate search statement.

  2. From the Start page, click on the RealTime Reports link in the Level Data Apps section.

  3. Click on the Lunch Status Analysis Report.

    Note: Users must have access to both the Lunch Status field and the Lunch Status Analysis report.


  4. Once in the report, at the top of the filter column, set the “Use Current Selection” filter to ON.

  5. From the Current Lunch Status Filter select the Lunch Status Value(s) for which students would qualify for P-EBT.

    Note: If you need to report which students are Free vs Reduced, work through this workflow for each status separately. (i.e., Once for Free and then for Reduced).

  6. Click on Make Current Student Selection.


  7. Return to the Report Dashboard and select the Attendance Summary Report.

  8. On the Pre-filter window:

    1. Select the date range for which you need to review attendance data.
    2. Select the Attendance Code(s) that equate to Present (Default Present or actual Present codes.)
    3. The student selection should be the same group that you made the current selection from the Lunch Status Analysis report.
    4. Click Run.


  9. Once the report loads:

    1. Filter the Attendance Code to the desired Code.
    2. Filter the Count of Attendance Code by setting the Min value to the number of times a student must have that code assigned.

  10. Click Export to export the data and open in excel.



Al Momrik
Written by Al Momrik

Al Momrik works at Level Data as a Data Quality Analyst, arriving in 2013. He works primarily with the State Data Validation Suite, a series of services which help PowerSchool users to find errors in their data and correct them in a shorter amount of time. Before coming to Level Data, Al worked in a school district in Michigan for 23 years. He was a Technology Director, a SysAdmin for PowerSchool, and was responsible for all State data submissions. He has worked with PowerSchool since 2007. Al also is a presenter at 6-8 PowerSchool conferences around the country annually.

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