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Save Up to 75% of Your Error Correction Time


Do You Have Errors on Your State Submission?

As former educators, we understand the frustration of correcting redundant errors over and over again. We've been there before, and know that the resources devoted to manual validation could be used more productively.

Level Data's Validation Tools streamlines the process by automatically locating errors in your state reporting data and helping to correct them using an intuitive interface designed to save you time and frustration.


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Save Time

Your data never leaves your SIS and the interface requires little-to-no training, saving you up to 75% of your error correction time.

Maximize Funding

We continuously address your state's most complex submission requirements to make sure your district data is accurate.

Clean Data

Data validation helps users proactively correct state reporting errors prior to submission, helping your data to remain clean throughout the school year.


RealTime Validation

RealTime Validation actively identifies errors as they are edited and entered into PowerSchool. The result - cleaner data you can trust is done with fewer steps in less time.


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Address Validation

How much money was wasted last year on mail that was returned to your offices? Address Validation instantly chops the rate of undeliverable mail by cross-referencing a student's home or mailing address against the databases maintained by the US Postal Service. 


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State Validation

State Validation actively locates and calls-out errors in your records that make state reporting and CRDC submissions so time-consuming. Users can easily fix multiple records at once BEFORE data is ever sent out of your district, saving up to 75% of the time spent on state reporting.


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Data Entry Validation for All SIS Platforms

Validation actively identifies errors as they are edited and entered into your SIS. The result - cleaner data you can trust is done with fewer steps in less time.


Simultaneously Identify & Fix Data Errors 

Error messages are easy to understand and can be corrected year-round. This in-returns catch errors closer to the point of entry so that you can send proper data to other applications within the district.


Getting started is simple

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2. Install Plug-In

You'll be up and running in 15-minutes or less and on your way to a stress-free State submission.

3. Lifetime Support

Your processes may change and we offer continual support and modifications.

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"Level Data’s State Validation service is one of the most useful tools we have added to our Technology Toolbox. The screens are easy to use, easy to understand and most importantly valuable time savers. We have been on the service for a few years now and they are constantly making improvements to the system that continues to make a great system even better."
Timothy Barnado, Office of Technology
Union County School, South Carolina
"Validating the data state reporting can be an overwhelming task. Level Data has streamlined the process and helped the Grundy County School System to manage our data in a more efficient manner."
Valerie Sitz, Attendance Supervisor
Grundy County School System, Tenesee
"After installation of the Level Data State Validation Suite, we were able to clear a few hundred errors within half an hour. Because the interface is so simple and intuitive, there was no training required. It really was as simple as opening the tool and clicking 'Fix'."
Jodi Perdue, SIS and Data Coordinator
Rabun County Schools, Georgia
"Taking the urgency away from checking and rechecking the validity of our data during crunch time is simply priceless. This tool eliminates headaches and time-consuming work because it maintains good, clean student data and notifies us of bad data – before we submit to the state."
Marion (1)
Deborah Wimberly, Coordinator of Student Information Systems
Marion County School District, South Carolina