Our Story

Who would’ve thought that a K-12 data company would be founded on a golf course? After hearing two superintendents express their frustrations about how difficult it is to manage data at school, our founder and President knew he could find a way to make it less messy.

Messy Data


Our People

But it’s more than just creating a way to connect the systems. It is just as important to offer continual help for problems and the perfect combination of people and services. In our office, we have educators just like you, computer gurus, and many who happen to be both. We understand your frustrations and it is our mission to help.

Our Process


We listen to you. We want to know what you want and need out of our services. We learn about your people and processes within your school.


Listening to you will allow us to cater to your needs without disrupting the flow in your school. We will evaluate your current data and processes, help you resolve incorrect data and use that information to create a process that is in line with your current process to keep data correct in the future.


Next, we apply our evaluations to the service and examine the outcome to make sure it reflects the desired results. Then, we go live.


Your processes and needs may change over time and we offer continual support and modifications to your school. Your feedback and suggestions help us improve your product as well as all of our products. Our Help Desk is always available to answer your questions.

Our customers

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We work with school districts all around the country. Whether you’re the first customer in your state or there are many others, we will customize your services to your school, processes, and state rules.