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RealTime Reports

Instant Access to Data You Can Easily Understand and Use!


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Data-Driven Decision Making Just Got Easier

RealTime Reports streamlines the way your schools access and leverage your data in PowerSchool. There's no need to pursue expensive training or certification. Locating and understanding data about your schools is as easy as shopping online. 

With instant access to your information, RealTime Reports simplifies the process of making data-driven decisions, identifying opportunities and measuring outcomes. 


Instant Access to Data You Need

RealTime Reports gives you instant access to information. Vital school data is found using only a few clicks.

Detailed Data, No Training Required

Intuitive and user-friendly, first-time RealTime Reports users can find the data they need in under a minute!

Data-Driven Decisions Made Easy

Spend less time decoding and more time doing. RealTime Reports makes strategic, data-guided decisions easy.

High-Performing Data You Can Afford

RealTime Reports is an investment that districts of all sizes can afford, with pricing as low as $1 per student.



NEW - Student Data Mapping

Driving achievement and success in your schools requires the most complete information possible. Seeing Where in addition to Who, What and When gives you valuable insight that makes it easy to develop equitable, inclusive solutions for your students that empower learning and overcome barriers.

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User Friendly By Design

Simplicity and intuitive controls make it possible for users of every skill level to rapidly find the data they need. Reports are named without any technical buzzwords, and results are displayed for rapid understanding. Finding the data you need when you need it has never been easier.

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Built for Understanding

RealTime Results removes the guesswork from understanding your data. Dynamic visuals display results in realtime, making it easy to spot opportunities and track performance. You can spend less time deciphering your data and more time putting it into action!

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Easily Sorted and Filtered Results

Understand your school data should be a simple as possible. With RealTime Reports, it is! Quick-change filters let your staff focus the data as broadly or precisely as they need using only a few clicks - it's as easy as shopping online.  

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Versatile. Valuable. Verifiable.

RealTime Reports comes with a number of premade reporting modules ready for plug-and-play use. Depending on the needs of your district or state, we can customize or add additional reports to ensure you're accessing information that will bring the most use and value to your schools.

Reports including Short-Term Mobility, Incident Management, Attendance Details and Credit Progress Demographics help you compare performance and spot trends that can be leveraged to empower the various departments in your schools and deliver increased value to your classrooms. 


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