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Level Data Live Product Sessions

Hosted the first week of every month.


Sit in on live demonstrations and guided work sessions of our State Data Validation and RealTime Reports. We're hosting these sessions live so you can see the services working first-hand and ask questions of our resident experts and veteran district data pros.


Workshops & Info Sessions

Join us during the first full week of each month for informational webinars and live product demonstrations! 

Product Info Sessions

RealTime Reports Walk-Through

Tuesday at 11:00 AM ET

Once data in PowerSchool has been cleaned up using SDVS, it’s ready for prime-time. We’ll be covering RealTime Reports, a solution that transforms raw data into actionable information. School staff, such as administrators, principals, counselors, and attendance officers don’t need to be PowerSchool experts to use this platform - even first-time users can navigate through RealTime Reports like a pro in under 30-seconds. Join us to see the power of visualized, exportable data.

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State Data Validation Suite Walk-Through

Tuesday at 2:00 PM ET

Featuring an in-depth look at three tools that scour records one student at a time - RealTime Field Validation, Address Validation, and Bookmarking. As a bonus, we’ll showcase State Data Validation, one of Level Data’s most popular services. SDVS actively identifies errors in state reporting records and helps users to quickly make corrections prior to submission.

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Bulk Address Validation

Wednesday at 2:00 PM ET

Working with student contact records is critical. It's more than just ensuring you have accurate information to contact students and their families - everything from bus routes to special programs and even year-end funding submissions depend on accurate home addresses. We'll look at best practices and workflows for rapid address validation using the State Data Validation Suite. Join us to learn how this tool improves your data quality in minutes!

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Product Workshops

Unlimited Contacts Workshop + Q&A

Thursday at 11:00 AM ET

Questions about contact management are inevitable, but users don’t have to suffer in silence. This is an opportunity for SDVS users to discover best practices and learn new methods to clean up contact records in PowerSchool. Workflow discussions and an informational Q&A format help to outline a streamlined path to identify missing data and locate matching records in the unlimited contacts reference tables.

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RealTime Reports Workshop

Thursday at 2:00 PM ET 

Members of the Validation Services team will provide tried-and-true insights and methods to approach issues commonly encountered at the district level during this live-streamed event. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions about existing reports and features of RealTime Reports. Each session will feature the opportunity to request customizations to existing reports, provide feedback or ask questions related to the development of new modules.

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