Are you tired of the time it takes to track down data errors within the thousands of records when it comes to State Data reporting? Level Data can help!

Do you have Active Directory and need to manage accounts for Staff and Students? Our services save you time and headaches by automating this data for you. We listen to your needs and make our services specific to your people, processes, and district.
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Level Data offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
Risk Free


“They deliver what they say they will.”Claudette Flynn, South Carolina Department of Education
“Now that the system has been reviewed and improvements have been made, we’re cooking with gas. We have the data we need to better serve students and results.”Marc Greenberg, Hatboro Horsham School District
“Everything with State Validation is looking good. WOW! This is great! I really feel my stress level coming down.”Jackie Drake, Cherokee County School District
“Several roadblocks to learning have been removed and a lot of work has been taken off of our technology staff’s plate too.”Chris Durham, Aspen School District
“After installation of the Level Data State Validation Suite, we were able to clear a few hundred errors within half an hour. Because the interface is so simple and intuitive, there was no training required. It really was as simple as opening the tool and clicking ‘Fix’.”Jodi Perdue, Rabun County School District
“Good customer support, excellent flexibility in design and programming, very responsive to changes due to vendor requirements or enhancement requests.”Mark Heringslake, Hatboro-Harsham School District
Our clients say it best:

“At least eight hours per week are saved using Level Data.”Paula Yohe, Dillon County

“Data is updated daily, which makes reporting to the government – including reporting Free Reduced Lunch counts – much more accurate.”Lynn Hopper, Jefferson Public Schools
“We have so many input systems from so many people, and we needed someone to streamline them. Level Data was that someone. They helped us standardize and clean our data.”William Oden, Kershaw Public Schools
“Education is a service, and we need to provide the best service to provide the best customer experience. Level Data helps us do that.”Tim Throne, Oxford Community Schools
“I’ve seen a lot of sales pitches. Level Data was one of the few I actually believed and took time to consider. I have not been disappointed.”Scott Driscoll, Revere Public Schools
“It has been several years and the system just works! Best investment we made in our tech department”Mark Kuchenbrod, Roanoke Rapids Graded School District NC
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Our Solutions

State Data Validation Suite

The State Data Validation Suite validates data in your SIS and identifies errors on an individual and district-wide basis either as or after it is entered allowing for easy error correction. Learn more.

Student SYNCTM

Student SYNCTM will manage the creation, deactivation, and movement of student accounts in Active Directory on a daily basis from your SIS saving you a great amount of time. Learn more.