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Who would have thought.....



Who would’ve thought that a K-12 data company would be founded on a golf course? After hearing two superintendents express their frustrations about how difficult it is to manage data, we decided to find a way to make it less messy.

As former educators. we know how challenging keeping up with clean data quality. At Level Data, we provide simple solutions that deliver data districts can trust so they can lead with confidence and focus on what really matters.

We know that you want to be free from data frustrations. In order to do that, you need quality data you can trust. The problem is, you can't trust the data coming in which makes you feel powerless and frustrated.

We believe you should spend more time with students, not with data.

We understand as former educators how you feel when you can't trust data which is why we work with DOEs, 1000+ districts and save 75% of their error correction time.


We Help Districts Succeed With These Tools


Enjoy the highest quality district data with minimal required effort exclusive student information system plug-in.

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Hands-free network account management. Create, disable and modify network accounts in your SIS and HR systems.

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Seamlessly share quality data across the different systems in your District. Fully-managed by design to meet your needs.

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Instant access to reports in your SIS to make data-driven decisions. No training required.

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Track your ROI and maximize the impact of every dollar in the classroom.

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Now that the system has been reviewed and improvements have been made, we’re cooking with gas. We have the data we need to better serve students and results.
Hatboro Horsham School District
Marc Greenberg, Director of Application Services and Data Management
Hatboro Horsham School District, Pennsylvannia
Everything with State Validation is looking good. WOW! This is great! I really feel my stress level coming down.
Cherokee County School District
Jackie Drake, PowerSchool Administrator
Cherokee County School District, South Carolina
Sometimes I forget it's even working in the background because it does what it is supposed to do. I recommend this product to any school district that is tired of manually creating student accounts in an untimely manner.
Lumberton School District
Mark Leung, Director of Technology
Lumberton School District, New Jersey
Level Data saves our district a tremendous amount of time... A process that took one to two weeks to complete now happens in minutes.
Sturgis Public Schools
J.K., Director of Technology
Sturgis Public Schools, Michigan