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How to Quickly Map Student Addresses in PowerSchool

April 13, 2021 at 11:59 AM

The ability to identify a location for a student is of prime importance for a school district employee. Determining where a student lives within school boundaries can affect funding for them from the State governmental agencies.

In many cases, it may be easy to determine that a child lives within district boundaries because the addresses are well-known. However, students that live near district boundaries can be a bit trickier to determine.

Level Data is now providing the capability to map the location of a student’s home through it’s RealTime Field Validation and Address Validation.

District Boundary Mapping

By clicking the “Validate” button just beneath the student’s home address, the Address Validation will identify the proper address for that student based on the United States Postal Service.

While on the Address Validation screen, the user will have the option of clicking a button to see a map displaying where the student lives (pinpoint) within their district of residence. Neighboring district boundaries can also be identified.

For elementary students, the ability to see the proximity of local elementary schools is included which may help identify which school in which they should be enrolled.

Typical zoom capabilities exist with “+” and “-” buttons as well as having the capability to move the map with a hand icon.

Al Momrik
Written by Al Momrik

Al Momrik works at Level Data as a Data Quality Analyst, arriving in 2013. He works primarily with the State Data Validation Suite, a series of services which help PowerSchool users to find errors in their data and correct them in a shorter amount of time. Before coming to Level Data, Al worked in a school district in Michigan for 23 years. He was a Technology Director, a SysAdmin for PowerSchool, and was responsible for all State data submissions. He has worked with PowerSchool since 2007. Al also is a presenter at 6-8 PowerSchool conferences around the country annually.

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