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Level Data Announces Acquisition of RANDA Solutions Leader in Educator Licensing and Effectiveness Systems

January 31, 2024 at 1:51 PM

Level Data, a leading validation software company, acquires RANDA Solutions, an enterprise data and workflow management company for State Education Agencies serving nine states with licensure and effectiveness platforms.

KALAMAZOO, Mich.Feb. 2, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Level Data, Inc., North America’s leading school and student validation software provider serving more than 7 million students, is pleased to announce the acquisition of RANDA Solutions, a pioneer in data management and workflow solutions for State Education Agencies. RANDA Solutions licensure and effectiveness platforms are used in nine states by over 2.5 million professional educators. This acquisition supports Level Data’s ongoing commitment to provide simple solutions that deliver data districts can trust so they can lead with confidence and focus on what really matters.

For more than 20 years, RANDA Solutions has provided states and districts with cutting-edge data and workflow management systems. Our qualified team of experts, design and develop technology that meets the needs of its users without becoming burdensome. While other companies may offer similar features, the RANDA Solutions approach is different. At every step of system architecture, RANDA asks critical questions about how real people will interact with the individual tools that make up large scale software systems. Educators should be impacting the lives of children and spend only as much time in data management systems as is necessary to gather valuable insights that result in action and growth.

“We put educators at the center of every system we build.” RANDA Solutions CEO Marty Reed said. "Level Data was a natural fit for the next iteration of RANDA's growth. We aligned well on our core focus of high-quality data in the hands of decision makers and empowering our users through reducing friction in their workflow."

Vicksburg Capital Partners served as exclusive financial advisor to RANDA during the acquisition. RANDA Solutions is based in Franklin, TN where it configures, customizes, designs, develops, and implements software solutions to equip educators and administrators at every level to make informed decisions based on timely, accurate data. Their focus and expertise are on data integration, data quality, data translation and transformation, and visualization into vast stores of information with minimal need for interpretation. These services are performed for enterprise level over 2.6 million users, in scenarios of with over 1 million records per day, and over 460 million data points.

Level Data CEO, Gary Fortier, said, “Level Data is on a mission to be the nation’s premier provider of quality data to the K12 education system. RANDA’s incredible expertise and experience in helping their customers navigate complicated workflows and data challenges is exactly the type of catalyst Level Data needs to accomplish its vision. Together with our recent acquisition of Glimpse K12, Level Data is now poised to be a one stop shop for districts and states seeking to build an information architecture that will prepare them for the challenges of educating students now and in the future.”

About RANDA Solutions
For 20 years, RANDA has provided enterprise data and workflow management systems to state level agencies. They continue to mature their platforms to meet the needs of modern education systems. Solutions include roster verification, student claiming, observation and evaluation, licensure, salary, and digitally verifiable credentials. Currently RANDA platforms impact approximately 10% of the teaching population in the United States.

About Level Data
At Level Data, we provide simple solutions that deliver data districts can trust so they can lead with confidence and focus on what really matters. When districts can't trust the data coming in leaders feel powerless and frustrated. Level Data believes educators should spend more time with students, not with data. We work with DOEs, 1000+ districts and save 75% of their error correction time.

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