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The Step-by-step Workflows to Contact Tracing in PowerSchool

September 8, 2021 at 9:07 AM

The ability to easily identify students that have been in contact with a student based on course enrollment and the date range is now at your fingertips, with the latest release of RealTime Reports.

Below is a suggested workflow that schools can use to generate Contact Tracing data associated to a single student from multiple areas of interaction including:

Click the links above to download a PDF workflow for you to download and share with your team.

Note that these reports are pulling from core PowerSchool fields. Data stored in custom fields will not be included.

In the instance that schools need to perform Contact Tracing based on multiple criteria, run each report using the process outlined below.

Contact Tracing Using Multiple Reports

  1. From the Start Page, use the Select Student by Hand function to select the student for which you need to generate a list of students enrolled in the same classes.

  2. Access the RealTime Reports Dashboard from the Level Data Apps section of the Start Page.

  3. Start by selecting the Contact Tracing – Class Enrollments Report.

  4. From the Pre-filter, select the Attendance Date Range (From/To Date), for which you need to return results.

  5. The Current Selection should be set to the (1) student you selected from the Start Page.

  6. Click Run.

  7. Click anywhere on the gray background to return to the main Dashboard.

  8. Select another of the Contact Tracing reports from the Dashboard.

  9. Repeat steps 4 – 7 for the selected report.

  10. Repeat this process for each Contact Tracing report, until all have been run.

  11. Return to the Contact Tracing – Class Enrollment report.

    1. Using the available filters (see the Contact Tracing – Class Enrollments Workflow) narrow results as needed.

  12. Click Export to export the filtered data from the current report and open in MS Excel.

  13. If using a messaging system for which you need a current selection, click Make Current Student Selection. This will set the filtered set of students as the current student selection in PowerSchool.

  14. Return to the report Dashboard and select the next Contact Tracing report.

    1. a. Using the available filters (see appropriate Report Workflow document) narrow the results as needed.

  15. Click Export to export the filtered data from the current report and open in MS Excel.

  16. If you would like to add this group of students the student selection from the previous report, click Add to Current Student Selection. This will add any students not already selected from the first report to the current Selection.

  17. Continue this process until all reports have been filtered, exported, or added to the current student selection.
Al Momrik
Written by Al Momrik

Al Momrik works at Level Data as a Data Quality Analyst, arriving in 2013. He works primarily with the State Data Validation Suite, a series of services which help PowerSchool users to find errors in their data and correct them in a shorter amount of time. Before coming to Level Data, Al worked in a school district in Michigan for 23 years. He was a Technology Director, a SysAdmin for PowerSchool, and was responsible for all State data submissions. He has worked with PowerSchool since 2007. Al also is a presenter at 6-8 PowerSchool conferences around the country annually.

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