Our managed solutions are the perfect combination of people, processes, and automation through customization. They are well designed, interactive, consultative, and customized.

Data Integration

It’s just as easy to move bad data as it is to move good data and most technology solutions can’t differentiate. We build a foundation that makes connecting to other applications effective. Not only do we work with your existing applications, but we engage your people too. The way you gather, store, and move data is unique to your district. Our solutions reflect that uniqueness and follow the processes you’ve put in place. As you or your applications or your processes evolve, our solutions do too.


"Everything with State Validation is looking good. WOW! This is great! I really feel my stress level coming down.”Jackie Drake, Cherokee County School District
"Several roadblocks to learning have been removed and a lot of work has been taken off of our technology staff’s plate too.”Chris Durham, Aspen School District
"There is a consistency and accuracy now in our data that has never been before.”Vicki Stevens, Colstrip Public Schools
"Less stress. That’s the bottom line.”Tammy Knapp, DeKalb Central Schools
Our clients say it best: "At least eight hours per week are saved using Level Data.”Paula Yohe, Dillon County
"Level Data is worth the investment. A simple email starts the conversation at the beginning of the school year and another finishes it at the end.”Damian Koob, Gobles Public Schools
"Now that the system has been reviewed and improvements have been made, we’re cooking with gas. We have the data we need to better serve students and results.”Marc Greenberg, Hatboro Horsham School District
"Data is updated daily, which makes reporting to the government – including reporting Free Reduced Lunch counts – much more accurate.”Lynn Hopper, Jefferson Public Schools
"We have so many input systems from so many people, and we needed someone to streamline them. Level Data was that someone. They helped us standardize and clean our data.”William Oden, Kershaw Public Schools
"Education is a service, and we need to provide the best service to provide the best customer experience. Level Data helps us do that.”Tim Throne, Oxford Community Schools
"I’ve seen a lot of sales pitches. Level Data was one of the few I actually believed and took time to consider. I have not been disappointed.”Scott Discoll, Revere Public Schools
"The biggest cost-savings for school districts using Level Data will come as individual departments of education begin to require more and more of local school districts.”Bob Cornacchioli, Shrewsbury Public Schools
"Level Data allows us to get critical, accurate, and timely data. Having this access ensures we are well prepared for emergency situations and every day life.”Mary Chris Adams, South Bend Community School Corporation
"We give network accounts to approximately 300 students when they enter third grade. This process took one to two weeks to complete manually. Now, with Level Data, it happens in minutes.”Janene Kosman, Sturgis Public Schools
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Directory Services

Creating, managing, and deleting student and staff accounts, quota management, BYOD programs, provisioning and storing data, group management, permissions, and more drive the need to link your student information system (SIS) with your directory service. We provision student and staff accounts to eliminate hours and hours of manual labor. Learn more about Student Sync.TM Please Contact Us to learn more about our Custom Directory solutions.
Student Sync by Level Data

“So far Student Sync has worked just as advertised and I couldn't be more pleased. I really do appreciate how quickly you were able to get this going and how effortless you made the work on my end. I will definitely be recommending your product to my other school IT friends"

--BM, Neosho R-5 School District, Neosho MO .

“Sometimes I forget it is even working in the background because it does what it is supposed to do. I recommend this product to any school district that is tired of manually creating student accounts in an untimely manner." 

--ML,  Director of Technology - Lumberton School District, N.J.

“I don’t like it, I LOVE IT. Student Sync does a great job. This is exactly what I have been looking for to manage my students network accounts and passwords"

--SC, Director of Technology - Maple Shade School District, N.J.

Student Sync works with today’s most widely used student information systems including PowerSchool, Infinite Campus Genesis, and many others. Student Sync will create student users accounts, home folders and e-mail accounts for you -managing accounts through the year will be also be automated by Student Sync! Please, feel free to reach out to us toll free at (855) 223-7962 with any questions and to find out how Student Sync can help relieve your I.T. Staff of the overwhelming task of managing student accounts in your Active Directory.


Level Data has been partnering with school districts across the country for nearly 10 years. Our team has experienced triple-digit growth annually while also retaining 97.5% of our customers. You can read our clients’ stories below.


The Level Data process is exceptionally detailed, yet surprisingly simple. Our team walks alongside you from the start to create a service plan specific to your school and its needs. It’s not handholding. It’s encouraging and supporting and making sure your highest expectations are met.

Process Workshop

process_workshopOur workshop is a multi-department discussion focused on how we want to share data within a district. Key users engage with one another, evaluate how data can and should be moved, and explore department interdependencies. These workshops are led by former district administrators (and Level Data clients) who have experience in data integration, management, and team building. The final outcome is an understanding of the data process and each individual’s role and responsibility within that process.

Data Evaluation & Cleanup

LD_image1_newGood data leads to good decision making and improved educational outcomes for students, parents, and schools. Our team comes alongside your people and your processes to gather input and to clarify your business rules. We evaluate your current data, work with subject matter experts to resolve incorrect data, and proactively implement processes to ensure valid data is entered moving forward. Most steps involved in cleaning the data fall to the district, but our tools narrow the scope of changes required and automate much of the cleanup process.

Implementation & Development

Check source codeOur team works with district personnel reviewing your processes, gathering additional input and defining your business rules. We evaluate your current data in the source and target systems, apply the proposed business rules and examine the outcome to make sure it reflects the desired results. Then, we go live. Most of our solutions are developed and implemented within 90 days, but time frames do vary depending on the scope of the project and the availability of the client and applications involved. Development and implementation are crucial to the overall success of our solutions. The time investment up front is minimal when compared to the longevity of clients using the services.

Support & Modification

LD_image2Your process and your needs may change over the course of the school year. Our managed service includes adjustments and modifications to support you, your team, and your school district. The solutions we employ are not static. They evolve and change and scale with you. That’s what sets us apart from other service providers. Plus, our Help Desk is always available to answer your questions.


Sate Data ValidationTN, MA, CT, and VA are coming on-line with Validation
PowerSchool User Group | New JerseyNJ SMART Data Validation is a hit!
PowerSchool User Group | Southeast80 out of 87 Districts on board!


Founded in 2007, Level Data is a managed solutions company that works with school districts across the nation to secure and administer accurate and effective data. Our solutions are the perfect combination of people and services. They are well designed, interactive, consultative, and customized. They automate workflow of student data across multiple systems and applications to improve processes and increase revenue. Our team partners with you and your colleagues to build a foundation of quality data that is fully managed, scalable, and cost effective. Our cloud solution works with existing applications (directory, food services, special education, and more) and does not require additional servers, agents, or on-going support. Immediately you will experience the benefits of quality data, increased staff productivity, and additional revenue. This allows you to focus on that really matters: the education of each of your students. Learn more here.


We believe in good data. Good data improves processes, reduces costs and can increase revenue. Good data fosters communication and encourages staff productivity. Good data saves time and money and resources. It facilitates better teaching, better administration, and better care of students and student needs. We help you get better data by:

  • Challenging the status quo, how things are traditionally done in the education realm
  • Empowering people at the point of entry with the ability to validate their own data
  • Enabling a single point of entry for data whenever possible through automation and determination of authoritative sources
  • Utilizing tools and people and processes school districts already have in place
  • Making data more accessible


Our team would welcome the opportunity to partner with you. Complete the appropriate inquiry form below, and we’ll touch base as soon as possible.