Learning Session 2:

Working Backwards: Using Student Outcomes Data to Ensure Return on Instruction

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Are you currently navigating the intricate process of finalizing your budget plans while eagerly awaiting the return of student outcomes data? As you reflect on the progress and identify gaps from the past school year, it's important for you utilize both approaches for measuring both Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Instruction (ROI). 
Approach 1 
Evaulating Academic Resources: Take a look at each resource individually to understand its efficacy and impact on your students. 
Approach 2 
Measuring Student Outcomes: Work backwards from the results, and tie the outcomes to the correlating resources to understand what is truly beneficial. 

Let us demonstrate how moving beyond simplistic evaluations and embracing a holistic view can help your district discover diverse and important data points that can guide your future strategic investment decisions. Whether it's refining instructional strategies, enhancing resource allocation, or optimizing curriculum frameworks, our goal remains steadfast: maximizing every student's potential.


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