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Validation Reporting

Instant Access to Data You Can Easily Understand and Use!


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How Are You Making Data Work For You?

Locating critical information about your schools shouldn't be so difficult. The time required to find data in PowerSchool is time most districts simply cannot afford to spend but haven't had the option not to. Until now there hasn't been a 'better way'.

Validation Reporting transforms your raw data into actionable information in only a few clicks. You don't need to be a data-reporting guru to find the information you need. In fact, most first-time users can navigate through the dashboards like a seasoned data-pro in under 30 seconds!



Save Time & Money

You have better ways to spend your time than chasing data in neverending spreadsheets. Most first-time users can find the data they need in under 30 seconds. With Validation Reporting, your staff can stop hunting and refocus on things that really matter.

Information Made Easy

Users don't need deep-dive knowledge of field names, complicated reporting codes or advanced training to understand the information found in Validation Reporting. They can find what they need when they need it without having to jump through hoops- it's just that easy.

Peace of Mind

Validation Reporting accesses the information in PowerSchool you've already cleaned using Level Data Validation Service. With  verified accurate data on your side, you can lead with confidence to make data-backed decisions that drive success and impact your schools, staff, and students.


Simple Visual Navigation

Available reports are displayed in a user-friendly menu with summaries of each featured beneath their unique headings. No complicated tables of contents, no endless scrolling, and no confusing naming conventions make finding the reporting module you need a breeze. 

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Quick-Glance Reference

Validation Reporting takes the guesswork out of transformation and serves results in percentage-oriented charts and graphs. With less time spent handling data modeling, you'll be able to spend more time putting that information into action!

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Easily Sorted and Filtered Results

Using filters that correspond to the levels of categorization unique to your district, you can quickly and easily tailor the information displayed in any of the Validation Reporting modules to suit your needs. Columns can easily be sorted for advanced analytical investigations, too.

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Versatile. Valuable. Verifiable.

The Validation Reporting Suite comes with 10 prebuilt reporting modules ready for plug-and-play use. Depending on the needs of your district or state, we can customize or add additional reports to ensure you're accessing information that will bring the most use and value to your schools.

Metrics including Short-Term Mobility, Incident Management, Attendance Details and Credit Progress Demographics will pull back the curtain on your district's data and help you spot trends that can be leveraged to empower the various departments in your schools and deliver increased value to your classrooms. 


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