Customer Reviews

“I really like Level Data; including the product, the service and the personnel. Automating the interfaces has resulted in reliable, timely data in the peripheral systems, including nutrition services, library, transportation, robodialer, special education, and Scholastic.”
– Kathryn Howard, Trenton Public School District

“Level Data has been extremely helpful to us in a day to day operations eliminating manual processes of passing data to and from different databases.”
– Kathy Nicholas, Okemos Public Schools

“I am not in the IT department, so this is unlikely to be an area that people would ask my opinion. However, Level Data has made my life easier as a school librarian. Having information fed from PowerSchool into my circulation system, into Renaissance place for Accelerated Reader log-ins and class enrollments, and standardization of student passwords so they no longer have to remember multiple user names and passwords has made my job much easier and allowed the teachers, the students and me to focus on education rather than setting up accounts.”
– Martha Hovanec, Pennsville School District

“Not having to worry about data transfers between our data bases every day has taken a big burden off of our district.”
– Scott Driscoll, Revere Public Schools

“So far Student Sync has worked just as advertised and I couldn’t be more pleased. I really do appreciate how quickly you were able to get this going and how effortless you made the work on my end. I will definitely be recommending your product to my other school IT friends”
-BM, Neosho R-5 School District, Neosho MO.

“Having a 3rd party system that can run and manage horizontal data transfer nightly saves many hours of work and keeps multiple databases updated within a day of real time. This is worth at least the salary of a full-time data person if not more!”
– James Sicuso, Revere Public Schools

“Your software saves me time which is a tremendous help considering all that we support. In addition, our students have access to computer resources the day they start school.”
– Kevin Dugal, Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District

“They have individuals experienced in all aspects of education. They constantly go above and beyond. Polite. Courteous. They are talented, know their business and work with customers. They just get it. Thank you!”
– Errin Chapman, Okemos Public Schools

“Its a great product, works like a charm and is reasonably priced, even for a school district on tight budgets.”
– George Weeks, Glassboro Public Schools

“Support is great and they very quickly understand the issue on hand. We have our own “go to” person and are not shunted from person to person. The first point of contact has enough technical knowledge to always address our question or problem – we don’t have to waste time working our way up the levels of expertise. With such a big difference in time zone it is important we don’t loose 24 hours between each email. They are very aware of this so make an effort to attend to us timeously.”
– Bridget Anderson, American School of The Hague

“I have been very satisfied with LevelData. It has uncovered fields if missing or incorrect data and has saved me hours of work running queries saving me very valuable time. My staff can check weekly to see if they have any missing data and can in some cases correct it right from the screen.”
– Daphne Wood, Barnwell School District 19

“I don’t like it, I LOVE IT. Student Sync does a great job. This is exactly what I have been looking for to manage my students network accounts and passwords”
-SC, Director of Technology – Maple Shade School District, N.J.

“The Level Data support team is highly responsive to requests for support whether it is information that has been submitted incorrectly or to potential errors with the connectors. They respond quickly and strive to make sure that the connectors are sharing/creating information that is accurate and up-to-date. ”
– George Mohr, Allegan Public Schools

“The implementation team and everyone involved with our project has been extremely helpful. We have had some staffing challenges and program challenges in-house and they were very accommodating.”
– Jackie Brown, McCormick County School District

“The number of errors in our district has decreased significantly.”
– Nicole Wright, Lee County School District

“Good customer support, excellent flexibility in design and programming, very responsive to changes due to vendor requirements or enhancement requests.”
– Mark Heringslake, Hatboro-Harsham School District

“It saves our staff hours and hours of time.”
– Greta McAvoy, Kershaw County School District

“Just getting started in Level Data but I believe it is going to be very useful to keep data accurate in PowerSchool.”
– Janice Drawdy, Florence County School District 2

“Deptford SD has been using this product for years and is a true time saver for our technology department!”
– Brian Nieczpiel, Deptford Township School District

“Always been very responsive to our district’s needs and comes up with innovative solutions. Highly recommend!”
– Karen Morell, Lexington County School District 3

“LevelData has always been there for us during our prime season of back to school and all other times of the year. Their promptness of working tickets is always greatly appreciated.”
– Robert Confare, Beaufort County School District

“The products function very well, support is quick to respond and open to suggestions. Overall, we have had a great experience with Level Data”
-Sharon Hedden, Oconee County School District 1

“Sometimes I forget it is even working in the background because it does what it is supposed to do. I recommend this product to any school district that is tired of manually creating student accounts in an untimely manner.”
-ML, Director of Technology – Lumberton School District, N.J.

“They deliver what they say they will.”
– Claudette Flynn, South Carolina Department of Education

“When I started with Leveldata the pitch was it just worked. It has been several years and the system just works! Best investment we made in our tech department.”
– Mark Kuchenbrod, Roanoke Rapids Graded School District

“ADSYNC runs very smoothly! Support is very quick to respond to emails!”
– Naomi Doughty, Mt. Blue Regional School District