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Using Level Data's State Validation Service, school districts across the nation have 
be able to identify and correct crucial student reporting information quickly and easily. 
Gone are the days of spending days or weeks on this labor-intensive task - most users can 
accomplish the same amount of work in just one day using this tool. 

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system proactively works to save you time, money and stress.


"Level Data’s State Validation service is one of the most useful tools we have added to our Technology Toolbox. The screens are easy to use, easy to understand and most importantly valuable time savers. We have been on the service for a few years now and they are constantly making improvements to the system that continues to make a great system even better."

Timothy Barnado, Office of Technology

Union County School, South Carolina

"Validating the data state reporting can be an overwhelming task. Level Data has streamlined the process and helped the Grundy County School System to manage our data in a more efficient manner."

Valerie Sitz, Attendance Supervisor

Grundy County School System, Tennessee

"After installation of the Level Data State Validation Suite, we were able to clear a few hundred errors within half an hour. Because the interface is so simple and intuitive, there was no training required. It really was as simple as opening the tool and clicking 'Fix'."

Jodi Perdue, SIS and Data Coordinator

Rabun County Schools, Georgia