What Level Data can do for you 

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Validation services

Enjoy the highest quality district data and minimize the effort required for State reporting and compliance with our PowerSchool plug-in.


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Directory services

Hands-free network account management. Create, disable and modify network accounts as data changes in your SIS
and HR systems.


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Integration services

Share quality data across the different systems in your District. Designed to meet your needs and fully managed so you can focus on other critical tasks.


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Level Data is definitely saving us hours every day in our department and every other department as well. Even one hour per day has a major financial impact to our district budget.

Kevin Hauser, Network Manager

Monroe Public Schools

At least eight IT staff hours per week are saved using Level Data's Managed Service, which allows us to provide additional services to our end users. We're able to get to any problems, questions, issues that they have. We can get to their needs a whol lot quicker, whether it's a crashed computer in a classrrpm or teacher software traing or service.

Paula Yohe, Director of Technology

Dillon School District Four

Level Data....It just works and you forget about it. I don't know how to say it better. You leave it alone and it does its thing and you don't have to worry about it at all. IT JUST WORKS!! Before Level Data we had 10 people in the district inputing the same information. Now we have much cleaner data.

Jaraun Dennis, Director of Technology

Unita County School District #1