Level Data – Customer Thermometer

First, we need to say “THANK YOU!” to all of our customers. You are the heroes of keeping our K-12 Public Schools running by administering systems, maintaining impossible schedules, and meeting or exceeding unrealistic expectations. We truly admire what you do every day to keep public schools functioning.

When we say “World Class Customer Service” we are referring to the Net Promoter Score we get from our Customers as they respond to our Customer Thermometer. Since focusing on this measure two years ago we have worked to move from an NPS of 61 to 68 to a result of 81 today. These results will change over time and our continuing challenge is to stay diligently focused on meeting and exceeding our Customers expectations. You can read more about World Class NPS here.

Listed here are the current results. While we think these are mostly intuitive, please let us know if you think the following charts need further explanation.


Net Promoter Score

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