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Mastering Accurate State Reporting in Oregon

July 14, 2023 at 1:38 PM

Student Information Systems Supported

Complete List of Data Validation Rules for Oregon

Listed below is the complete list of state reporting validation rules we provide for Oregon districts to make their state reporting submission as easy and timely as possible and to maximize both state and federal funding.

State Validation Rules


  • Duplicate Race Code
  • Invalid Middle Name
  • Missing/Invalid Address Information
  • Missing/Invalid Date of Birth
  • Missing/Invalid Federal Ethnicity
  • Missing/Invalid First Name
  • Missing/Invalid Gender
  • Missing/Invalid Language of Origin
  • Missing/Invalid Last Name
  • Missing/Invalid Race Code
  • Missing/Invalid Resident County
  • Missing/Invalid Secure Student Identifier (SSID)


  • Entry Date/Exit Date Mismatch
  • Invalid Grade Level for Assigned School
  • Invalid Section Enrollment Entry Date
  • Invalid Section Enrollment Exit Date
  • Missing/Invalid Entry Code
  • Missing/Invalid Entry Date
  • Missing/Invalid Exit Code for Exited Students
  • Missing/Invalid Exit Date for Exited Students
  • Missing/Invalid Full-Time Equivalency
  • Missing/Invalid Next School Indicator
  • Missing/Invalid Scheduled Next Year Grade
  • Missing/Invalid School ID
  • Next School Indicator/Next Year Grade Mismatch
  • Overlapping School Enrollments
  • Section Enrollment Entry Date/Exit Date Mismatch


  • Missing/Invalid Federal Ethnicity
  • Missing/Invalid Federal Race
  • Missing/Invalid First Name
  • Missing/Invalid Gender
  • Missing/Invalid Last Name

Incident Management

  • Misplaced Action
  • Missing Incident Action
  • Missing Incident Assigned Duration or Actual Duration
  • Missing Incident Behavior
  • Missing Incident Duration
  • Missing Offender


  • In-Session Calendar Day Missing Bell Schedule
  • In-Session Calendar Day Missing Cycle Day
  • In-Session Calendar Day with No Membership Value
  • No Bell Schedule Items Created for Bell Schedule
  • No Final Grade/Reporting Terms Defined
  • Term Date Overlap


  • EL Start Date/EL Exit Date Mismatch
  • Missing/Invalid EL Record Type
  • Missing/Invalid Proficiency Test Name Code
  • Missing/Invalid Program Model Type Code
  • Missing/Invalid Program Model Type Code 2
  • Missing/Invalid Program Model Type Code 3
If you have any questions or would like to request additional rules, please reach out to
Tom Lang
Written by Tom Lang

Tom Lang has spent more than 3 decades in the field of journalism and marketing, while always having a hand in public education. His father was a school teacher, his mom a school secretary, and his wife teaches high school English and Humanities. On his own, Tom worked his way through college as a school bus driver and today remains closely tied to education as a Board member of FIRST (Robotics) in Michigan. He has worked with high school coaches and athletes for nearly 30 years as a freelance sports writer at the Detroit Free Press, and for more than 10 years as a basketball referee. Bottom line -- help kids grow, learn and create productive futures.

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