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EMIS State Reporting for Ohio Made Easy in PowerSchool

July 20, 2022 at 7:30 AM

The Education Management Information System (EMIS) is a statewide data collection system for Ohio's primary and secondary education, including data such as demographic information, attendance, course information, financial data, and test results.

There are four major functions of EMIS:

  1. State and Federal Reporting
  2. Funding and Distribution of Payments
  3. Academic Accountability System
  4. Generates Statewide and District Reports

That's where Level Data comes in!

Student Information Systems Supported

Complete List of EMIS Data Validation Rules

Listed below is the complete list of state reporting validation rules we provide for Ohio districts using PowerSchool to make their EMIS submission as easy and timely as possible and to maximize both state and federal funding.

RealTime Validation Rules


  • OH: Demographics: Federal Ethnicity
  • OH: Demographics: Federal Race
  • OH: Demographics: First Name
  • OH: Demographics: Gender
  • OH: Demographics: Home Phone
  • OH: Demographics: Last Name
  • OH: Demographics: Middle Name
  • OH: Demographics: Scheduling/Reporting Ethnicity

Log Entries

  • OH: Log Entries: Action Date
  • OH: Log Entries: Discipline modified on a per exception basis
  • OH: Log Entries: Discipline Reason
  • OH: Log Entries: Discipline Reason (Fifth)
  • OH: Log Entries: Discipline Reason (Fourth)
  • OH: Log Entries: Discipline Reason (Second)
  • OH: Log Entries: Discipline Reason (Third)
  • OH: Log Entries: Referred for Alternative Program
  • OH: Log Entries: Total Discipline Days
  • OH: Log Entries: Type of Discipline

Modify Info

  • OH: Modify Info: District Entry Date

Special Programs

  • OH: Special Programs: Date Type
  • OH: Special Programs: IEP Test Type
  • OH: Special Programs: Outcome Beginning Date
  • OH: Special Programs: Outcome End Date
  • OH: Special Programs: Outcome ID


  • OH: State/Province: FD: Disability
  • OH: State/Province: FD: Homeless Status
  • OH: State/Province: FD: Migrant Status
  • OH: State/Province: FN: Diploma Date
  • OH: State/Province: FN: Diploma Type
  • OH: State/Province: FS: Admission Reason
  • OH: State/Province: FS: Admitted From IRN
  • OH: State/Province: FS: County of Residence
  • OH: State/Province: FS: District of Residence
  • OH: State/Province: FS: How Received
  • OH: State/Province: FS: How Received IRN
  • OH: State/Province: FS: Percent of Time
  • OH: State/Province: FS: Sent Reason 1
  • OH: State/Province: FS: Sent to IRN 1
  • OH: State/Province: FS: State Student ID (SSID)
  • OH: State/Province: GI: Native Language
  • OH: State/Province: SSID: Birthplace City
  • OH: State/Province: SSID: Mother's Maiden Name

Transfer Info

  • OH: Transfer Info: Current Enrollment: Entry Code

State Validation Rules

Demographics (GI)

  • OH: Duplicate Race Code
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Address Information
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Date of Birth
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Federal Ethnicity
  • OH: Missing/Invalid First Name
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Gender
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Home Language
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Home Phone
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Last Name
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Middle Name
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Native Language
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Race Code
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Scheduling/Reporting Ethnicity


  • OH: District Entry Date/School Entry Date Mismatch
  • OH: District Entry Grade Level/School Entry Grade Level Mismatch
  • OH: Exit Date prior to Entry Date
  • OH: Invalid District Entry Date
  • OH: Invalid District Entry Grade Level
  • OH: Invalid Entry Code
  • OH: Invalid Grade Level for Assigned School
  • OH: Invalid Section Enrollment Entry Date
  • OH: Invalid Section Enrollment Exit Date
  • OH: Invalid Tuition Type
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Effective End Date
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Entry Date
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Exit Code
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Exit Date
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Full-Time Equivalency
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Next School Indicator
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Scheduled Next Year Grade
  • OH: Missing/Invalid School ID
  • OH: Next Year School/Next Year Grade Mismatch
  • OH: Overlapping School Enrollments

Special Education (GE)

  • OH: Missing Outcome Beginning Date
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Date Type
  • OH: Missing/Invalid IEP Test Type
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Outcome End Date
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Outcome ID
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Secondary Planning
  • OH: Outcome End Date prior to Outcome Beginning Date

Effective Date Record (FD)

  • OH: Invalid Disadvantagement
  • OH: Invalid Homeless Status
  • OH: Invalid Immigrant Status
  • OH: Invalid Limited English Proficiency
  • OH: Invalid Section 504 Plan
  • OH: Invalid Unaccompanied Youth
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Disability
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Migrant Status

No Date Record (FN)

  • OH: Invalid Military Student Identifier
  • OH: Missing Fiscal Year Student Began 9th Grade
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Diploma Date
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Diploma Type
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Grade Level, Next Year
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Reading Diagnostic Result Code
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Retained Status

Standing Record (FS)

  • OH: Invalid District Relationship
  • OH: Invalid Percent of Time
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Admission Reason
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Admitted From IRN
  • OH: Missing/Invalid County of Residence
  • OH: Missing/Invalid District of Residence
  • OH: Missing/Invalid How Received
  • OH: Missing/Invalid How Received IRN
  • OH: Missing/Invalid State Student ID (SSID)
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Withdrawn To IRN
  • OH: Sent to IRN 1/Sent Reason 1 Mismatch

Gifted Ed (Gifted)

  • OH: Identification/Identification Date Mismatch-Creative Thinking Ability
  • OH: Identification/Identification Date Mismatch-Mathematics
  • OH: Identification/Identification Date Mismatch-Reading/Writing
  • OH: Identification/Identification Date Mismatch-Science
  • OH: Identification/Identification Date Mismatch-Social Studies
  • OH: Identification/Identification Date Mismatch-Superior Cognitive Ability
  • OH: Identification/Identification Date Mismatch-Visual/Performing Arts


  • OH: Invalid Mother's Maiden Name
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Birthplace City

Log Entries

  • OH: Duplicate Discipline Sequence Number
  • OH: Invalid Discipline modified on a per exception basis
  • OH: Invalid Discipline Sequence Number
  • OH: Invalid Referred for Alternative Program
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Action Date
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Add'l Grade PS to 3 Discipline Reason Detail
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Discipline Reason
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Total Discipline Days
  • OH: Missing/Invalid Type of Discipline


  • OH: Duplicate State Student ID (SSID)
  • OH: Students Excluded from All State Reports
If you have any questions or would like to request additional rules, please reach out to
Al Momrik
Written by Al Momrik

Al Momrik works at Level Data as a Data Quality Analyst, arriving in 2013. He works primarily with the State Data Validation Suite, a series of services which help PowerSchool users to find errors in their data and correct them in a shorter amount of time. Before coming to Level Data, Al worked in a school district in Michigan for 23 years. He was a Technology Director, a SysAdmin for PowerSchool, and was responsible for all State data submissions. He has worked with PowerSchool since 2007. Al also is a presenter at 6-8 PowerSchool conferences around the country annually.

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